Welcome to the Database of Anti-Glycan Reagents (DAGR)

The Database of Anti-Glycan Reagents, or DAGR, is a public, searchable database of carbohydrate-binding antibodies and lectins. It is currently composed of reagents/tools, rather than a database of endogenous lectins/antibodies. The database was inspired by GlycoEpitope (https://www.glycoepitope.jp/) and was originally populated with ~1100 anti-glycan antibodies and lectins. An introduction to DAGR and a summary of anti-glycan antibodies in the original release of the database can be found in the following publication: Sterner, E.; Flanagan, N.; Gildersleeve, J.C. “Perspectives on Anti-Glycan Antibodies Gleaned from Development of a Community Resource Database” ACS Chem. Biol. 2016, 11, 1773-83: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acschembio.6b00244.

In 2021, DAGR underwent a major upgrade including addition of about 800 new anti-glycan antibodies. It is our hope that members of the community will continue to help us improve and expand the information. Therefore, we welcome new information about existing antibodies/lectins or addition of new antibodies/lectins to the database via the tabs at the top of this site and links associated with each reagent listing. Please feel free to contact us to provide suggestions to improve the database and website.

We thank Eric Sterner, Natalie Flanagan, W. Shea Wright, and Matthew Gildersleeve for collecting data for the first version of the database. We thank Nancy Brandt, Ben Shorb, and Archana Shrestha for developing the original Database of Anti-Glycan Reagents website. We thank J. Sebastian Temme, Naomi Yamamoto, Avery Tytla, Alex Bahnick, John Sim, and Megan Chang for their efforts expanding and improving the database. In addition, we thank James Waters for upgrading the website and Chris Yang for SQL support.